To qualify, an innovation must meet these criteria:

  1. It must be, or at least be the result of, a discrete and defined idea.
  2. Whoever came up with the innovation must be substantially connected to Vassar.
  3. It must be demonstrably innovative - new.

Note: We strongly recommend that you write this information in a word processor such as Word, and copy and paste it into the fields, as opposed to writing it directly in the browser. If you accidentally close the browser window before you submit the form, you will lose all information you have entered.

1: who's your innovator?


(Scientist, Athlete, Entrepreneur, etc)

For what innovations is the nominee best known?

Date of birth:

Date of death (if applicable):

Vassar affiliation: (class year, faculty title, etc.)

2: ...and you are?

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privacy policy: Your information will be used solely to contact you for further information concerning the innovator whom you have nominated, and will not be shared with any other parties.

3: the important stuff

Biographical Information: Please provide biographical information on the nominee, including education / training, professional work / work history, major accomplishments, and honors and awards.

Innovation: Please describe the innovation in full detail - when, where, what, how, and why.

Significance: Present evidence that the nominee's innovation had a significant impact and/or enduring value. What changed as a result of this innovation?

Sources: Please provide complete citations of sources of information (reference books, periodicals, oral histories, web sites, etc.).