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Judy Crowell: Connecting with Kids in Crisis

[ photo: Judy Crowell ]

Connecting with Kids in Crisis

After Judy Crowell's son committed suicide in 1986, it was apparent to her that caring and well meaning friends had done everything they could to prevent his final act—except offer him the support of his peers. Crowell became convinced that teens who are trained, knowledgeable, and motivated to help are the best resources to help fellow teens in crisis. So Crowell founded KUTO, a teen crisis organization for Kids Under Twenty-One, basing it on the principle of teens helping teens--empowering them with the skills to effectively help their contemporaries. It was the first U.S. helpline for teens run entirely by teens. Based in St. Louis, KUTO has helped several thousand young people and their families, and is now hooked up to service teens in 32 states. Many teen volunteers involved in KUTO have gone on to pursue professions in mental health, social work, etc.

Submitted by Judy Crowell '59