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Adam Kalkin: Home Sweet Shipping Container

[ photo: Adam Kalkin ]

Home Sweet Shipping Container

Radical architect Adam Kalkin '84 designed something called Quik House, a kit home built around five recycled shipping containers—"the chicest weekend retreat one can buy for $99,000," according to Vogue magazine. Winner of the P/A Young Architects Award in 1990, Kalkin created a customized version of the Quik House for an exhibition at Deitch Projects' Wooster Street gallery in SoHo last year. "Suburban House Kit" featured skylights, mahogany sliding doors, a stainless-steel kitchen, custom-designed carpeting, and a stainless-steel hearth.

Kalkin envisions other uses for the shipping container concept as well. His Quik-Build Refugee Ecosystem proposes the use of shipping containers to create autonomous and self-sustaining villages for "millions of inadequately housed people around the world."


Vogue September 2004
Photo credit: David Heald