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Margaret Wright: Save the Farm

[ photo: Margaret Wright ]

Save the Farm

According to biology professor Robert Suter's article in the VQ Spring 1982, Margaret Wright, biology professor, was "an ardent proponent of the farm as a valuable teaching and research resource. In 1973, she proposed to then-president Alan Simpson that part of the farm be designated as a field station, to be set aside and preserved from other forms of development. Over the next few years, her campaign, at times quietly patient but always persistent, resulted in trustee-commissioned studies of the farm by the National Audubon Society and by Sasaki Associates. Finally, in 1976, the board of trustees and President Simpson endorsed the Sasaki group's recommendation of a mixed utilization of Vassar Farm, a plan under which approximately half of the land would be designated an ecological preserve." As a result of her efforts, 415 acres on the farm are now an ecological preserve and a marvelous resource not only for Vassar scientists and environmentalists but for anyone who's hungry for a taste of wilderness in an otherwise suburban setting.

VQ Spring 1982