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Jeff Fligelman: So You Wanna Be A Writer

[ photo: Jeff Fligelman ]

So You Wanna Be A Writer

On practically every street corner in New York, you can pick up the current flyer for Gotham Writers' Workshop, listing classes in just about every form of writing you can think of - fiction, poetry, the memoir, screenplays, business reports, you name it. Cofounded in 1993 by Jeff Fligelman '85, Gotham is New York City's largest private creative writing school, annually serving over 6,000 students of all ages and walks of life. And when we say all ages and walks of life, we mean it. If you take a screenwriting class, for example, your classmates will be Wall Street brokers, beauticians, secretaries, English teachers, medical librarians, and dentists, and they'll range from 20 years of age to 70. Furthermore, your teachers will be professional writers, because it can be a long time between royalty checks, and teaching beats waiting tables. What's innovative about Gotham? They've demystified the writing process and opened the club, so to speak, to anyone who wants to join. "We believe anyone can write," states the website. "At Gotham, we teach you how to use the elements of writing, such as structure, character, description, and voice. We foster your creativity in a positive atmosphere and show you how to free up your imagination. We respect your writing, we treat you like a professional, and we get you writing."


VQ Fall 2001
Photo credit: Courtesy of Gotham Writers' Workshop