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Lori Granger Leveen: For the Serious Reader

[ photo: Lori Granger Leveen ]

For the Serious Reader

In a world where the consensus seems to be that "no one reads anymore," Lori Granger Leveen '79 and Steve Leveen have created something of a mecca for serious readers, selling "tools for serious readers" at Levenger, their store in Delray, Florida. The Leveens began their enterprise in 1988 with a black-and-white brochure selling "Serious Lighting for Serious Readers" - halogen lighting, an emerging technology at the time. They expanded to include chairs and desks and other reading-related products, many of which they design in-house. By 1993, Inc. magazine ranked Levenger the eighth fastest-growing privately held company in America, and the firm also broke ground on the site of its current 220,000-square-foot store. In 1995 the company registered its one-millionth order, and today Levenger mails annually approximately 26 million of its catalogs, and averages 225,000 visits a day to its website.
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