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Ellen May Galinsky: Families Work

[ photo: Ellen May Galinsky ]

Families Work

It shouldn't come as a surprise, and yet somehow it does, that one can earn an advanced degree in the field of work and family. The discipline has emerged in response to the societal changes brought about by the dramatic influx of women into the workforce beginning around the time Ellen May Galinsky graduated from Vassar in 1964. On the faculty of Bank Street College of Education for 25 years, Galinsky watched those changes taking place with an eye trained in the Child Study Department at Vassar, and helped lay the foundation for the new field, authoring numerous books and reports and over 125 articles in academic journals, books, and magazines. In 1989, Galinsky cofounded the Families and Work Institute, the first research organization devoted exclusively to the study of these issues. An influential nonprofit, FWI provides data to inform decision-making on changes in the workplace, family, and community, including The National Study of the Changing Workforce, a nationally representative study, updated every five years.


VQ Winter 2003
Photo credit: VQ