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Elizabeth A. Daniels: Rescuing Vassar History

[ photo: Elizabeth A. Daniels ]

Rescuing Vassar History

Elizabeth A. Daniels '41, college historian, rescued admission files dating back to 1867, which were stored under less-than-ideal conditions in the basement of Main Building. Daniels had come across the files when she was the dean of studies and, recognizing their historic value, decided to attend to them as soon as she had a minute, which didn't happen until she retired from the faculty in 1985. She went to then-president Virginia Smith, suggested that the college create a post for a historian, and offered to fill it. She then spent the next 10 years rescuing those files - inventorying every box and getting the contents on microfilm. For women's studies scholars and educational historians, not just at Vassar, but throughout groves of academe, it's a treasure trove.


VV Spring 2003
Photo credit: Will Faller