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Amy Goldstein: Mind Games

[ photo: Amy Goldstein ]

Mind Games

In 1996, former editors of Games magazine Amy Goldstein '82 and two friends launched Puzzability, a company that crafts custom brainbenders for "websites, ads, packaging and promotions, game and reality shows, special events, contests, C.D.-R.O.M.s, magazines—yes, even diner placemats." This is no ordinary puzzle-writing company. On December 31, 2004, Puzzability took over the op-ed page of the New York Times with a full page of interconnected puzzles. Here's the "Teaser of the Week" from their website (February 6, 2005): Think of a five-letter word that means "a person of elevated rank." Write the word backwards, break it into two pieces, and insert the same two-letter chunk after the first letter in each piece, and you'll get two words each of which is an example of the original word. What are these words?
Photo credit: Courtesy of Amy Goldstein
Teaser answer: noble, earl, and baron