Quote: From Vassar come the young adventurers, the pioneers in curious fields, the radicals. - Woman's Home Companion, 1920.

In the brief history of the college in the Vassar course catalogue, the word "pioneer" appears twice, "innovation" once, "experiment" twice, "first" eight times, and "bold" twice.

Other colleges use other words to describe their own cherished attributes. At Vassar, we like breaking new ground. The pioneering gene is in the Vassar DNA.

Created by the Office of College Relations, this website is a tribute to Vassar pioneers, from the founding of the college to the present. As we did the research for the site, we discovered a number of Vassar innovators that we didn't know existed, and we hope that visitors to the website will bring still others to our attention. If you know of a Vassar innovator, submit a nomination.